BRAC University Admission Notice and Result 2021 (Spring)

BRAC University Admission 2021 : BRAC University is Published the admission circular for spring 2021 on the official website. Students can fill up the admission form through

BRACU offers 3 semesters a year: Spring, Summer & Fall, and this start respectively in January, May & September respectively. Brac University just announced the Undergraduate admission circular for spring 2021.

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About BRAC University:

 BRAC University is a private university in Bangladesh. It is also a private research university. Under the Private University ACT of Bangladesh, The University was founded on 2001 by Sir Fazle Hasan Abed.

The University is located in 66, Mohakhali, Dhaka. This university has its own campus for its students.

BRAC University Admission Contact Details:

Admission & Registration Office, 4th floor, Building no. 6, BRAC University. You can also send e-mail at
Information Desk:
Ground Floor (Building No.1)
BRAC University
66 Mohakhali, Dhaka 1212
Phone: 984-4051-4 Extension. 4003, 4004
985-3948, 985-3949
Ranks Tel: 09617445006

BRAC University Admission Roadmap

Academic SessionSpring 2021
Application Deadline10 February 2021
Application Fee (Amount)1500/-
Date of Admission Testwill announce later
Publication of Merit listWithin 7 Days after the admission test.

 Brac University Undergraduate Program:

BRAC University offers a wide range of program for the students. They can choose at least 3 programs as a choice list for the admission test.

  • BRAC Business School offers BBA In Accounting, Finance, Banking and Insurance, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Computer Information Management, E-Business, Entrepreneurship, and Operations Management
  • Bachelor Of Science In Computer Science, Computer Science And Engineering, Electrical And Electronic Engineering, Electronic And Communication Engineering, Mathematics, Microbiology, Physics, Applied Physics And Electronics, Biotechnology
  • BSS in Economics, Anthropology
  • Pharmacy (Hon’s)
  • Architecture
  • English
  • Laws, LL.B (Hons.)

The available Undergraduate programs with credits are as follows:
B.Arch – 201 Credits
BBA – 130 Credits
BSc in CSE – 136 Credits
BSc in CS – 124 Credits
BSc in ECE – 136 Credits
BSc in EEE – 136 Credits
BSS in Anthropology – 120 Credits
BSS in Economics – 120 Credits
BA in English – 120 Credits
LL.B (Hons) – 135 Credits
BSc in Physics – 132 Credits
BSc in Applied Physics and Electronics – 130
BSc in Mathematics – 127 Credits
BSc in Microbiology – 136 Credits
BSc in Biotechnology – 136 Credits
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons) – 164 Credits

Admission Requirements for applying (Except Pharmacy)

  • Minimum GPA of 3.5 in SSC/Equivalent and HSC/Equivalent separately (including additional subject).
  • Minimum CGPA of 2.5 in O-Levels in five subjects and A-Levels in two subjects separately, according to the scale (A=5, B=4, C=3 & D=2). Subjects with E grade will not be considered.
  • Candidates completed 12 years of schooling from a reputed educational institution may also apply. (Before applying please contact through
  • Candidates completed IB-DP with a minimum DP Score of 24 are eligible to apply.
  • Candidates completed schooling outside Bangladesh will have to submit verified/attested copies of previous academic documents from their Institute/Foreign Ministry and equivalence certificates from the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka.

Note: GED is not acceptable.

Minimum Requirement for particular subjects:

DepartmentExam NameSubjectGrade
EEE, ECE, CSE, APE and PhysicsHSCPhysics and MathematicsB
A LevelPhysics and MathematicsC
Biotechnology and MicrobiologyHSC/A-LevelBiology and ChemistryC
B.Sc in Computer Science and B.Sc in MathematicsHSCMathematicsB
  • Candidates for BSc in Electronic & Communication Engineering and Electrical & Electronic Engineering having Physics and Mathematics but not Chemistry at HSC or A-Levels must take a remedial course on Chemistry in addition to the courses required for the program.
  • Candidates not having Mathematics at HSC or A-Levels must take a remedial course on Mathematics in addition to the courses required for the program

Many students willing to join the university might not have the required standard of proficiency in English language. If the students fail to attain the minimum standard of English proficiency required by the university, they may be asked to attend remedial English courses before the admission to the university. At the end of this course, they will have to take an English proficiency test and if qualified be admitted to BRACU.

Calculating GPA of ‘O’/‘A’ levels for the admission application in BRACU

Our requirement for undergraduate programs is to have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in ‘O’ Level and ‘A’ Level separately. For ‘O’ level best 5 subjects and ‘A’ level best 2 subjects will be counted. The grade will be calculated according to BRAC University scale: A=5, B=4, C=3 and D=2. Subjects with E Grade will not be considered. It is to be noted that applicants must fulfill subject-wise requirements.

Break of studies Students (Irregular Students)

Candidates with a break of study of not more than 3 (three) years (including current year) may apply for admission except Pharmacy.

For Pharmacy, Candidates with a break of study of not more than two years (including current year) may apply for admission.

BRAC University Credit Transfer System:

Transfer of credits from an educational institution following a system similar to BRAC University may be considered after passing the admission test.

Such candidates will have to apply with required documents and decision on such cases will be determined by the credit transfer policy of BRAC University.

Visiting Student or Guest Student

Visiting or guest students are required to submit their applications along with the relevant transcripts and no objection letters (NOC) from her/his University.

Brac University Online Application Form fill up Instruction:

  • Visit-
  • Click – New Applicant
  • Select your program which undergraduate program.
  • In the below of this page, Click on the I, hereby, declare that I have read and understood all the requirements and proceed to apply
  • In registration Information- Fill up:
    1. E-mail address (Must be active, will require for verification code)
    2. Full Name (As per SSC Certificate)
    3. Password (Choose any password)
    4. Confirm Password (Repeat the same password you choose)
    5. In Mobile/Cell Phone NO- Type your active mobile number
  • Image Verification: Type exactly the shown in the image
  • After that, you will get a code in your mobile number/E-mail Address
  • Type the activation code in- Enter Activation Code
  • After that, It will show your dashboard.
  • In Left- Select Admission Form
  • Admission form has three section- personal Information, Program, Education
  • Fill up all your information
  • You have to complete required fields for all sections in the following order
  • Photo Instruction- Upload a photo with 300 × 300 pixels and Maximum 64KB size.
  • Click Save to save your information
  • After completing your form, A payment tab will appear.


  • Select your payment mode Either Bank or bKash.
  • Local Applicants need to pay the non-refundable application fee Tk. 1500. For international applicants, the non-refundable applications fee is US$ 20.

Bank Payment Method:

  1. Select Bank
  2. In Bank Name- Select which bank they have.
  3. Deposit Option- Select Cash (you can select pay order, but we recommend that you select cash)
  4. Then Select Print pay slip and Download the Pay slip.

Instruction for pay slip

  1. Print the pay slip
  2. Pay your admission fee in Bank
  3. Submit your admission form after payment

Bkash Payment Method

  • Select bKash
  • After selecting the bKash, you will get a reference number and a receiver number
  • Enter Transaction ID(TrxID)- (Give trxId from received message of bKash)
  • Sender Number- From which number do you make payment.
  • Transaction Date: Select date of payment
  • Click Save.

How to make payment for BRAC University Admission using  bKash.

  1. Dial *247# from bKash Mobile
  2. For Payment- Press 3 to Choose payment (Do not use send money option)
  3. Merchant id-type the receiver number
  4. Amount- Enter 1500/-
  5. Reference- type your reference number
  6. counter Number- Type 1
  7. Enter Your bKash mobile pin- to confirm the payment
  8. After that, you will get an SMS from bkash where a trxid code will be present.

After Payment:

  1. Click Preview and Submit
  2. Review All the information
  3. Check the declaration
  4. Then submit Application.

Note: If applicants make any mistake during filling up their application form and submit it with that error, they are required to send an email immediately at and to inform the authority.

BRAC University Admit Card Download:

After reviewing all documents and information submitted by the applicant (including payment information), the university will select the candidates eligible to sit for the Admission Test. Selected candidates can download the admit using the following method.

How to Download BRAC University Admit Card:

  • Go to-
  • Login in with your e-mail id and password
  • In Dashboard- Click the Admit Card
  • Download and print the admit card
  • Bring this printed Admit Card to the exam hall. Students will not be allowed to sit for the exam without the Admit Card.

BRAC University Admission Test

  • BRAC University will announce the admission test exam date for Spring 2021.
  • Applicant must bring the admit card and original copy of HSC/Equivalent registration card/A-Level statement of entry during admission test as well as during admission (if qualified).
  • All eligible candidates will have to sit for a written exam and an interview as prescribed.
  • Candidates must pass each section separately.

Admission Test Question:

All candidates will have to sit for a written admission test and an interview in the manner described:

Programs:Written Test Subject
BSS in Anthropology, BA in English and LLB (Hons): English.
BBA, BSS in Economics, BSc in Microbiology, BSc in Biotechnology: English and Mathematics.
BSc in Computer Science, BSc in Computer Science and Engineering, BSc in Electronic and Communication Engineering, BSc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, BSc in Applied Physics and Electronics, BSc in Physics, BSc in Mathematics English, Mathematics, Higher Mathematics and Physics.  
Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch) English, Mathematics and a test in drawing.
Bachelor of Pharmacy (Hons): English and Mathematics.

Those who qualify in the written test will be called for interview for final selection.

BRAC University Sample Question for Undergraduate Programs

Read the admission instruction to identify the sections relevant to you. The sample questions indicate the pattern not the difficulty level of the questions that will appear in the admission test.
The test consists of FIVE SECTIONS.

  • Section A, C and D contains Multiple Choice Question (MCQ)
  • Section B contains a question on English composition and
  • Section E contains questions on Drawing and Paragraph Writing.

Brac-University-Sample-Question-for-Undergraduate-Programs Download

Brac University Admission Test Result

BRAC University shall publish the admission test result within the 7 days from the date of admission test. Students can check their result from

Written Test Result:

The BRAC University will publish the written test result soon. Students can either check their result from the official website or download the PDF file from here.

Instruction for International Students:

Candidates who have passed from abroad will have to submit verified/attested copies of previous academic documents from their Institute/Foreign Ministry and Equivalence Certificates from the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Dhaka during admission.

BRAC University Admission Scholarships/Financial Aid:

BRAC University provides following Scholarships/Financial Aid for the fresher’s of Undergraduate Programs. 

  1. They provide scholarship based on these:
  2.  Previous Academic Results
  3. BRACU Admission Test Results
  4.  Merit Scholarship Based on BRACU Academic Results
  5. Sibling Scholarship
  6. BRAC Scholarship
  7. Physically Challenged Students
  8. Children of Freedom Fighter.
  9. Debater’s Blue Scholarship
  10. Children of BRACU Staff and Faculty.

Regarding all information about Financial Aid, please contact:
Information & Admissions Desk, Ground floor,Building-01 BRAC University. Phone +880-2-9844051-4 (Ext. 4003)

Pre-University Course for Undergraduate Programs

A Pre-University course is for those students who proved themselves competent in their respective discipline during the admission test except in English.

This is a twelve week long intensive program which assists students to become active and independent learners, critical thinkers, responsible and thoughtful adults, and most importantly successful university students.

Many of the students who come from the mainstream Bangla medium background enjoy this intellectually challenging and welcoming atmosphere.

Freshman Course Offerings

On the basis of the admission test results, a student will have to take one or more of the following courses:
a. ENG 101 (Credit course)
b. ENG 102 (Credit course)
c. ENG 091 (Non credit course)
d. MAT 091 (Non credit course)
e. MAT 092 (Non credit course)
The exact number of course(s) a student is required to take will be shown against each name of the student in the test result. Initial admission fee includes a fee of Tk. 39,600 for two courses.

Any additional course up to a maximum of four (4) in total, will incur a fee of Tk. 19,800 for each subsequent course. A student taking two non-credit courses will not be allowed to take any additional course(s).

BRAC University Department Change:

To change department, Students need to collect a department change form from the Registrar’s office; then they need both Chairpersons’ (current Dept. and desired Dept.) signature on the form.

After that contact the Registrar’s office again for submitting the form.

BRAC University ICF, AWF, FSDF, IDF Form:

  1. The Information Change Form:
    If a student wants to change her/his given information in the USIS, then s/he must apply by collecting and filling up the Information Change Form.
  2. The Admission Withdrawal Form:
    If a student wants to withdraw her/his admission or studentship from BRACU, then s/he must apply by collecting and filling up the Admission Withdrawal Form.
  3.  Fresher’s Semester Drop Form: If a fresher student wants to drop the semester then s/he must apply by collecting and filling up Fresher’s Semester Drop Form.
  4. ID Card Form:
    For ID renewal or replacement, a student must apply by collecting and filling up the ID Card Form. Taka 500 will be charged due to loss/damage/department change.

If an Students want any of above services, they can contact the Admission & Registration Office, Building 6, Level 4; BRAC University.

BRAC University Accommodation Facilities:

Accommodation facilities are provided only to female students subject to availability of seats. For details, please contact the Information & Admissions Office.

BRAC University Admission FAQ:

How will I get admission information about BRACU?

The Admission information about BRACU is available at desk of BRACU and by E-mail:

How many semesters are offered yearly at BRACU and when do they start?

BRACU offers 3 semesters a year: Spring, Summer & Fall, and these starts in January, May & September respectively.

How can I apply for Admission?

Applicant can apply for admission in BRAC university through online. The application process is the same for both local and international students.

How to Download the Admit card of BRAC University ?

After the deadline of submitting the Admission Form, candidates are requested to login to collect the Admit Card from the link given on their Dashboard.

How to search the admission test result of BRAC University?

After the publication of the admission test result, applicants can check the result at the BRACU website and notice board.

Is there any evening class for undergraduate programs?

There is no evening class for undergraduate programs.

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