Dhaka University Certificate/Marks Sheet Online 2021 (Apply Instructions)

Dhaka University Certificate Online 2020-21. The University of Dhaka is now offering to get certificate and mark sheet at student online services for the students of Dhaka University and Affiliated Colleges of the University of Dhaka. 

Students now can apply online for the certificate and mark sheet. To get these services, Applicants need to create an account at service.du.ac.bd

To avail these services, Applicants need to Sign Up to create an account. Later a student needs to Log in to go to his/her dashboard. From the dashboard, one can apply for the offered services (Certificate/Mark Sheet.)

At the moment the following services are offered through online:

  • 1. Application for Certificate
  • 2. Application for Marks Certificate

Other services will be included gradually Such as Academic Transcript. Students need to remember that the Application for Marks Certificate and Academic Transcript are two different services. 

Currently, the Applicant can only apply for a Certificate or Marks sheet using this system. If An Applicant requires Academic Transcript, They are advised to contact the Transcript Section (Room No 305) of Exam. Controller Office of the University of Dhaka.

How to Apply for DU Certificate or Marksheet Online:

Steps and Regulations for Certificate Collection:

Step-1: In this step, the applicant will provide all the information. After entering the information, s/he can proceed to the next step by clicking the Generate Invoice button.

Warning: No information can be changed when the next step is taken. If there is a mistake in the information, there will be complexity and delay in getting the certificate. Additional fees may be required, if applicable.

Step-2: In this step, you can download the ‘Pay Slip (Certificate)’ in pdf format by clicking the Download Invoice button. Print the payslip and deposit the fee to the counter of any branch of Janata Bank throughout Bangladesh.

Once the fee has been deposited, you will reach the next step by the end of that business day. You can click on the Check Payment Status button to check if the fee has been credited.

If you are not taken to the next step within 24 hours after the fee is deposited, you will be able to provide information on the fee deposit by clicking the Claim Payment button.

Step-3: In this step, you will be able to download the ‘Certificate Collection Application Form‘ and ‘Application Submission Receipt.

Print the Certificate Collection Application Form on legal size paper. Before submitting the application form physically, note the following:

In the case of regular students, the form should be signed by the Principal of the respective College / Hall Provost. In the case of External Degree (Pass) Examination, the form must be signed by the Gazetted Officer and External Master Degree Examinations by the concerned departmental chair of the University.

A separate application has to be submitted for receiving the Original / Duplicate / Triplicate certificate with the concerned Principal / Provost / Gazetted officer’s recommendation.

The concerned Principal / Provost / Gazetted Officer shall sign and seal the photo in the proper place on the Application Form so that the signature and seal will be placed on some parts of the photo and some part of the form.

To obtain the Original / Duplicate / Triplicate certificates, the missing General Diary (GD) has to be filed in the police station, and the notice must be published in the newspaper. Copy of the GD and the newspaper should be submitted along with the Application Form.

In case of a triplicate certificate, an Affidavit of the court should be submitted with the Application Form. The duplicate/triplicate seal with the date will be printed on such a certificate.

After completing all the process through your institution’s authority, the application form should be submitted to Room No-309 of the office of the Exam Controller of the University of Dhaka during office hours.

Print the receipt of the application form and collect the officer’s signature / seal accepting the form at the time of submission of the application form. This receipt needs to be stored seriously. This receipt must be submitted at the time of receiving the certificate.

Required Documents at time time submitting application form:

  • Photocopy of the admit card by the concerned Principal / Provost / Gazetted Officer.
  • Provisional certificate if the temporary certificate is taken.
  • Marks-Certificate of Part-I where the program is divided into two parts (i.e.:MFA)
  • For the Ph.D. and MPhil Students, two copies of the (02) photocopy of the Syndicate’s Order/ Result should be given along with the application form. If the thesis title is in Bengali, it has to be translated into English through the supervisor.

Note: Once the certificate application form has been submitted, you will automatically reach step-4.

Step-4: Applicants have to wait at this step until the certificate is ready.

If the information provided is incorrect / correction is required, then instructions will be given online. In this case, the applicant may need to come to the office and correct the information. The certificate will not be prepared until the information is corrected.

If the information provided is correct or necessary information is corrected, a certificate will be prepared. Once your certificate is ready, you will automatically reach step-5. Certificate cannot be collected before reaching Step-5.

Step-5: You will reach this step when your certification is ready. You will be able to collect the certificate during office hours from Room 309 of the Office of the Exam Controller by showing the original copy of your examination admit card.

The Application Submission Receipt must be submitted at the time of collecting the certificate. Without the Head of the concerned educational institute’s recommendation, the letter of ‘Authorization’ to the other person shall not be acceptable to the University.

Dhaka University Online Services FAQ:

Applicant needs to apply online through Dhaka university online services to get Dhaka university certificate online.

To avail the Dhaka University Online Services, Applicants need to create an account on services.du.ac.bd

For more information, visit- service.du.ac.bd

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