dshe.gov.bd school assignment for class 6,7,8,9-10 (2020)

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dshe.gov.bd school assignments for class 6,7,8, 9, and 10 are available for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th week. Grade Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, and Ten Assignment solutions for all subjects shall be provided for all the students searching for the answers from dshe.gov.bd.

Students, parents can download the assignment answer by merely following this article step by step. As the students will promote to the next class without an annual examination, the ministry of education and Education Minister Dr. Dipu Moni decide to evaluate them by taking Web-Based Assignment.

The Assignment for Classes six, seven, eight, nine, and ten have passed four weeks. The Question for all classes of the fifth week is available now. By reading the Question, students can solve the Question for practice and the preparation of future exams.

Now, Let’s see the Question and get to the solution. Here subject wise notes are provided for the ease of the students and parents.

dshe.gov.bd school assignment (Available Classes)

A considerable number of students have stuck due to COVID-19 current situations. To run the education system has introduced the student assessment system for secondary education. The student assessment by assignment is available for these classes:

  1. Class Six
  2. Class Seven
  3. Class Eight
  4. Class Nine
  5. Class Ten

Question Pattern: 

The Question pattern for the student assessment assignment is published by the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. The Question pattern is:

  1. Descriptive Questions
  2. Short Questions
  3. Creative Questions
  4. Reports

Assessment Criteria: 

DSHE Authority has asked the teachers to evaluate the students by some criteria. The teacher will comment on the overall assignment by Outstanding, Excellent, Good, and Needs Improvement.

  1. Outstanding will be determined based on Accuracy and consistency of content, written information, theories, and formulas are consistent with the textbook, Notable self-creativity, or creativity of writing.
  2. Excellent will be determined based on Accuracy and consistency of content, the written information, theories, and formulas are consistent with the textbook, A little self, and creativity in writing.
  3. Good will be determined by Lack of consistency, even if the content is good. The students’ given information, theories, and explanations are not consistent with the textbook, A little self, and creativity in writing.
  4. Needs Improvement will be determined by Lack of Accuracy and consistency of content. The information, theories, formulas, and explanations in the text are not consistent with the textbook, Lack of self-writing or creativity in writing.

In Conclusion, Students need to consistent and accurate when writing the assignment. They can follow the information, theories, formulas, and explanation provided in the main books published by NCTB.

Teachers need to check all the criteria described above to assess the students’ assignment as it is crucial for the evaluation of the students.

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