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eksheba.gov.bd scholarship 2021: Government of people of the republic of Bangladesh will publish the eksheba scholarship Result soon for the academic session of 2020-21 for the students from class six to bachelor degree, teachers and educational institutions on eksheba.gov.bd.

Dshe is recently published a notice to download the report/list of students who have get a scholarship for finalizing the scholarship. The notice is available at the official website.

The Government will send money to the registered Nagad Account provided by the students at the time of the application.

Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Department is extended the deadline to 15th March 2021 for the scholarship.The official is confirmed the extension of the scholarship date on the official website.

The previous deadline for the scholarship was 7th March 2021. All students from 6th grade to undergraduate or equivalent level can apply for this financial aid.

The application form is now available at eksheba.gov.bd official website. Applicants have to fill the application form. (*) marks indicates its a mandatory field. They can complete the application in one go or they can resume their draft application and submit later.

After the application is submitted, a unique tracking number will be provided for each application which can be used to know the progress of the application from the eksheba.gov.bd scholarship/financial aid application status option.

Eksheba.gov.bd is not a fake news, its real. Applicants should not listen to those rumors’. From February, 2021 The Government of Bangladesh is giving to chance from class six to post graduate students to apply for the scholarship/financial aid for numerous reason. Some of that are Poor and Meritorious Students , Financial Aid for Education, Disable candidates and more.

What is EKSHEBA:

A new platform for entrepreneurs that replaces the previous DCMS. This is a ‘service’ for providing all public-private services from a single platform and monitoring the entrepreneurs of the digital center.

Entrepreneurs complete the registration by visiting the Ekseba website (www.eksheba.gov.bd) and clicking on the Entrepreneur Registration menu. Apply for new service attachments to create your own service basket. Daily offline report must be done daily.

EKSHEBA Scholarship 2021:

For the academic session of 2020-21, The government of Bangladesh is introduced eksheba scholarship program (A mega scholarship by government).

The Government will give a maximum of of 10000/- according to budget to the selected candidates.

Students from class six to bachelor programs can apply for this scholarship. They will need college recommendation letter, previous scholarship information and other information to apply for the scholarship.

Physically Challenged/Mentally Disable, Merit, Poorer, Ethnics Minority Area Students will get preferences.

Deadline:15th March 2021
Scholarship Amount:10000/- Per student according to the budget
Eligible Class:Class six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve,
Honors/Degree/Undergraduate Level

Allocated money for the Scholarship:

Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Department Under the Ministry of education budget has allocated 20% amount for Institution, 10% Teachers, 70% for the students.

Allocated Amount for Institution:

Particulars:Amount in percent
Junior Secondary level or Equivalent Institution:10%
Secondary level or equivalent Institution:60%
Private School and College, Higher Secondary level and Degree College:30%

Allocated Amount for the Students

Particulars:Amount in Percent
Class Six- Eight:35%
Class Nine- Ten:25%
Class Eleven and Twelve:20%
Graduation/Bachelor Degree:20%

A maximum of TK.100,000 will be sanctioned for a single educational institution and a maximum of TK.30,000 can be sanctioned for a single teacher / employee.

A maximum of TK 8000/- for Secondary Level Students, TK 9000/- for Higher Secondary Level, TK 10000/- for undergraduate level can be sanctioned per student depending on the approved budget.

How to apply for eksheba.gov.bd Scholarship 2021:

To apply for the service, you have to register in this website (eksheba.gov.bd) using your mobile number.

Once the registration process is completed, a pin code will be sent to the mobile via SMS. Login with the pin number and complete the application form.

After application, a unique tracking number will be sent for each service application via SMS and e-mail.

There is an opportunity to know the latest progress of the application from the Know the latest status of the application using this tracking number.

Applicants can also know the updated information of the application by logging in. Notification regarding extension of time limit for online application is available at eksheba.gov.bd.

eksheba.gov.bd scholarship application 2021 [Step by Step]

Visit- https://eksheba.gov.bd/service/?id=BDGS-1611115830

In the First Step, Applicants have to visit eksheba scholarship portal and find the application form

Register yourself with eksheba.gov.bd

Tap on Apply Now for the application form, register with mobile number and full Name

Registration Complete SMS

After the registration, Applicants will see a congratulation SMS that you have registered successfully and will get an SMS in the phone number a Pin No.

Now, Login with Mobile Number and Pin Number

In the Fourth Step, Login with register mobile and pin number in the next page.

Verify the Information

After Login, verify the information with your National ID Card/Birth Certificate and Date of Birth.

Select Scholarship/Financial Aid Option

In the Sixth Step, Select the Scholarship/Financial Option from the menu

Select the Financial Aid for Students

In the Seventh Step, Select the Financial Aid Option [Serial is- 38]

Now, Fill up the Application Form and Submit the Application.

In the Final Step, Applicants need to fill up the application form and submit the application.

After successfully completing the application form , Applicants will get an Application Number and confirmation SMS. Save the application number to check application status and for future references.

What to do if Pin Code is lost:
If an applicants couldn’t complete the registration (due to server or network issue) and lost the pin code number, there is a way to recover it.

To recover pin code number, applicants need to visit the login page, tap on pin code recovery.

after that, input the registered mobile number in the respective boxes and request for new pin code for login in eksheba.gov.bd.

Eksheba.gov.bd profile:

To complete the registration, Applicants have to complete the profile. When an applicants input an information, it show that how many percent that the applicants have completed.

Do Applicants need to complete 100%. No, They don’t need to complete the profile 100%, rather then 70%- 90% is enough to apply for the scholarship. But, Applicants should focus on how many information they can give for the assurance of getting the scholarship from eksheba.gov.bd

eksheba.gov.bd Required documents:

1 / Certificate signed by the head of the institution / head of the department from the educational institution where you are currently studying.
2 / Own National ID card / birth registration certificate number.
3 / Father and mother’s national identity card number
4 / Email address
5 / Active mobile number (of course NAGAD account must be active! If not, open it)
6 / Disability Certificate [If Applicable]

Rules for filling the application form:

  • Must fill in the red starred boxes of the application form.
  • At the beginning (https://eksheba.gov.bd/service/?id=BDGS-1611115830) enter the link and click on the registration option to complete the registration with active mobile number and full name.
  • Go to the next step with the mobile number, Pin Number (Sent to the Registered Mobile Number), Date of birth of National Identity Card Number / Birth Registration Certificate.
  • In this step, click on ‘Assistance / Allowance / Grant’ option and then click on ‘Student Financial Grant’ option.
  • Upload all your documents and certificate (Certificate for uploading (maximum file size is 10 MB. Authorized file extensions: gif, png, jpg, jpeg, pdf)
  • Now, Submit the Application/

Note: A tracking number will be provided for each application after submission of application which can be used to know the progress of the application from the Application Status Option.

Service delivery period is 120 working days. Payment will be made through mobile banking (cash) system.

Important Instruction:

If you try without a certificate, you can’t apply. Every effort will be in vain. Note that this is not an application for a stipend given by the Prime Minister’s Trust.

At the undergraduate level/Graduation Degree 2019-20 Session 1st Year Regular Students and other students studying in the degree who have not been able to apply before will be given the opportunity to apply for the stipend in August / September 2021!

Meaning, this is not a pmeat scholarship program provided by the prime minister fund; the pmeat scholarship will start from August/September 2021.

eksheba.gov.bd scholarship notice 2021 (Pictorial)


Eksheba Scholarship Application Status check:

Applicant can check the application status from eksheba.gov.bd. If the application is approved or rejected, it can known from the application status option.

To check the application status, applicants have to visit- eksheba.gov.bd/application/ check_status option, input the registered mobile number and application number.

How to Use the Eksheba.gov.bd Services:

There are a total of 421 services is provided by the eksheba.gov.bd. All the services is divided into multiple category.

There services categories are Government Service, Private Service, Financial Aid, E-Commerce, Education and Training, Information, Career, Postal, Medical and Other services.

The major feature of this portal is uddokta registration. Anyone can become uddokta in this portal and use the services.

How to Complete the Eksheba.gov.bd Registration for Scholarship:

For use the eksheba service, one needs to register with them. To register with eksheba, one need to visit- eksheba.gov.bd and follow the below instruction to complete the registration.

Step 1: Tap on Registration Button.

Step 2: Input Full Name, Active Mobile Number and tap on submit. [After submitting a pin code will sent the registered mobile number]

Step 3: Login with the Mobile Number and Pin Code to Complete the Registration.

Step 4: Select one of the id- National Id/Birth registration Number.

Step 5: Input National ID Card Number or Birth Registration Number and Date of Birth in the respective field.

Step 6: Tap on submit.

Step 7: If all information is correct, it will prompt a confirmation button.

Step 8: Now, tap on confirmation button to complete the process and registration.

There you register yourself with eksheba.gov.bd and to avail their services.

List of other Scholarship/Financial-Aid /Allowances that Eksheba.gov.bd provided:

  • Inclusion in VGD Cycle: If anyone want to be a part of VGD Cycle in Bangladesh, they can apply through by using eksheba.gov.bd financial aid/scholarship option for the year of 2021-22.
  • Indigent/Disability Allowance: Anyone who is disable, physically handicapped, they can make an application for the allowance through eksheba.gov.bd allowance option.
  • Application for one time withdrawal of TK.5000 / – (Five Thousand) for modem and ancillary expenses of internet connection.
  • 4. Application for Allowance Grant from Working Lactating Mother Assistance Fund.
  • 5. To provide state honorarium to the freedom fighters (Bir Uttam, Bir Vikram and Bir Pratik).
  • 6. Application form for financial assistance to poor meritorious students.
  • 6. Application for Maternity Allowance Grant for Poor Mother.
  • 6. Financial grant form for students injured in the accident.
  • 9. To send a letter to the Ministry asking for approval and approval regarding the introduction of new allowances.
  • 10. Scholarships under New India-Bangladesh Friendship Freedom Fighters Children Scholarship Scheme.
  • 11. Paying the funeral expenses of the late heroic freedom fighter.
  • 12. Application for granting adult allowance.
  • 13. Application for grant of allowance to widows / divorced destitute women.
  • 14. Application for grant of honorarium to freedom fighters.
  • 15. Financial grants to private educational institutions.
  • 16. Financial grants to private educational institutions (Technical and Madrasa Education Department).
  • 16. Financial grants to teachers and staff of private educational institutions (Technical and Madrasa Education Department).
  • 16. Financial grants to teachers and employees of private educational institutions.
  • 19. Determination / re-determination of heir in case of death of the beneficiary.
  • 20. Application for help from Women and Child Assistance Fund.
  • 21. Application of micro loan for self-employment of women.
  • 22. Receipt of financial assistance for treatment from the fund of Hon’ble Prime Minister.
  • 23. Application to withdraw check of financial grant received from Hon’ble Prime Minister’s Relief and Welfare Fund.
  • 24. Grant of funds at the discretion of Hon’ble Minister / State Minister / Deputy Minister
  • 25. Application form for sanction of freedom fighter honorarium.
  • 26. Application for financial assistance for burial / burial of the deceased.
  • 26. Record the names of the martyred family members of the war-wounded and dead war-wounded freedom fighters.
  • 27. Providing education allowance to the children of war wounded and dead war wounded freedom fighters
  • 29. Sending letters to the concerned authorities for waiver of water bill, gas bill, electricity bill of the war wounded and dead war wounded freedom fighters.
  • 30. Provide medical facilities to war wounded freedom fighters at home and abroad (India, Singapore and Thailand).
  • 31. Payment of marriage allowance to the daughters of war wounded freedom fighters and dead war wounded freedom fighters
  • 32. Issuance of ration cards for war wounded freedom fighters, families of martyrs and families of dead war wounded freedom fighters
  • 33. Wheelchairs, crutches, sticks, prostheses, shoes, hearing aids, spectacles etc. are provided for the movement of freedom fighters.
  • 34. Sending letters with recommendations to the head of the concerned educational institution for giving the opportunity to the sons and daughters of the war-wounded freedom fighters to read and write without pay.
  • 35. Issuance of identity cards and aircraft charts of war wounded freedom fighters
  • 36. War Wounded / Dead War Wounded / Martyred / Awarded Freedom Fighter’s Allowance Application
  • 36. Application for Receipt of War Wounded / Dead War Wounded / Titled / Medal Freedom Fighter Allowance
  • 36. Financial grants to students
  • 39. Financial Grants to Students (Technical and Madrasa Education Department)
  • 40. Application for grant of leisure-leave and allowance.
  • 41. Application regarding non-payment of honorarium
  • 42. Government Residential Telephone Cashing Allowance
  • 43. In the context of permission to travel abroad by government secondary teachers / officers
  • 44. Living in City Corporation area: Arrangements have been made for the concerned authorities to take up the issue of exemption of holding tax of their own house up to 1500 sq. Ft. Of war wounded freedom fighters and martyred freedom fighters.

Eksheba Scholarship Result 2021:

Now all applicants will get this scholarship. Only Eligible and Selected candidates will get the amount provided by the government.

After completing the application form, the government will eventually publish the scholarship on eksheba.gov.bd notice board.

The government will send the money to the registered mobile number provided by the students at the time of applications.

Applicants can visit- eksheba.gov.bd, go to notice board, download the eksheba scholarship result and check the result.

DSHE is published the class 6-11 and other class scholarship result on dshe.gov.bd. The institutions now can check the list of students by login in the scholarship link by their user id and password.

How to Check the list of students who have got scholarship:

  • Visit- HSP MIS and login with user id and password.
  • Tap on Students who have got scholarship.
  • Select the class, then the list of students will appear.

The government are advised to download the report, payroll, list of students of the scholarships.

Eksheba Scholarship FAQs:

What is eksheba Scholarship ?

Eksheba Scholarship is a scholarship program/Financial AID for the students introduced in the academic session of 2020-21.

What is the Deadline for the Application ?

The deadline for the eksheba scholarship is 15th March 2021

Who is eligible for this scholarship ?

Students studying in the class six to undergraduate level in Bangladesh are eligible for this scholarship.

Is there any GPA requirement ?

No, There is not any GPA/Point require to apply for this scholarship, Anyone studying in the class 6- honours/degree level can apply.

What will the Applicants need to apply for this scholarship ?

Applicants will need Certificate of College (that you are studying), National id Card/Birth Certificate, Father’s/Mother’s National Id Card, E-mail Address, Active Mobile Number.

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