HSC Admission Result: Merit List and Migration Result (2020)

HSC Admission Result 2020 has been published (10 September 2020). The Ministry of Education has published the third merit list and second migration result for hsc admission circular 2020 for xi class admission. 

The XI Class Admission Result (Merit List and Migration) is now available through website and sms. Applicant will be able to check the admission result through- xiclassadmissiong.gov.bd

The Admission Confirmation for the xi class admission for the second merit list will open from 11 September 2020 and will end on 12 September 2020. 

From this year, the application will only be submitted through online. The Ministry of Education has published the schedule of all admission-related activities, XI Class Admission System, Online Application, admission guidelines, application rules, admission result, Selection, Migration, and Confirmation on the xi class admission website of xiclassadmission.gov.bd or respective education board. 

Students can apply for the xi class admission in all colleges/madrasas /technical educational institutes approved by the ministry of education and education board of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Students who have passed the SSC or equivalent examination in the year of 2018,2019,2020 from all education boards and 2017-2020 from the open university and meet other application rules, terms, and requirements are eligible to apply for the Xi Class Admission.  

Let’s dive it in: 

HSC Admission Road-Map: 

S.N.Events Date
1.Opening Date: 9 August 2020
2.Closing Date20 August 2020
3.Admission Result [1st Merit List]25 August 2020
4.Selection, Migration and Confirmation of 1st Phase26 August 2020- 30 August 2020
5.Application for 2nd Phase31 August 2020- 2 September 2020
6.Application/Migration Result of 1st Phase4 September 2020
7.Admission Result [2nd Merit List]4 September 2020
8.Selection, Migration and Confirmation of 2nd Phase5 September 2020- 6 September 2020
9.Application for 3rd Phase7 September 2020- 8 September 2020
10.Application/Migration Result of 2nd Phase10 September 2020 
11.Admission Result [3rd Merit List]10 September 2020
12.Confirmation of 3rd Phase11 September 2020-12 September 2020
13.Final Admission Result13 September 2020 
14.Final Admission13 September 2020-15 September 2020

Admission Eligibility and Selection of Group: 

  • SSC/Equivalent Passing Year: 2018/2019/2020

Selection of Group: 

  • Science: the applicants are eligible to apply for Science, Business Studies, and Humanities Group.
  • Business Studies: the applicants are eligible to apply
  • Eligible to apply for Business Studies and Humanities Group.
  • Humanities: the applicants are eligible to apply
  • Eligible to apply for Business Studies and Humanities Group.

XI Class Admission System: 

There are two processes, you have to complete  to apply for xi class admission. 

First you need to make the payment of application fees. Second you have to apply online for 5-10 colleges according to your choice. 

The Applicant can apply for a maximum of 10 colleges and a minimum of 5 Colleges. 

The Applicant can apply Multiple shifts/versions/groups from the same institute.  

Application fee of 150 (One hundred and fifty) will be applicable for applying to the top 10 colleges/madrasas/Technical educational institutes on the internet. 

Apply through the internet, 150 have to be paid through Nagad/Sonali Web/Sonali e-sheba/Teletalk/bKash/Sure Cash/Rocket for Application in a maximum of 10 Colleges. 

XI Class Admission Payment:

Pay the Application Fees using Teletalk/bKash/Surecash/Nagad/Rocket. 

Payment method through Teletalk

1st SMS: CAD <space> WEB <space> Board <space> Roll <space> Year and send it to 16222.

Example: CAD WEB DHA 448899 2020 and Send it to 16222.

2nd SMS: CAD <space> YES <space> PIN <space> Contact Number and send it to 16222

Example: CAD YES 1268237 017*********

Payment Method through Surecash

  • Dial *495#
  • Select the payment option
  • Payment Account or Keyword: CAD
  • Student ID <Board Code> <Passing Year> < Roll Number> [Example: DHA2020448899]
  • Contact Mobile Number- Type Active Mobile Phone Number.
  • Enter PIN Number to SURE CASH Account.
  • Preserve the return SMS for further details and Future References. 

Payment Method Through Sure Cash APP

  • Log in to the sure cash app and select the payment options.
  • Type CAD. 
  • Enter the Student ID: <Board Code> <Passing Year> < Roll Number> [Example: DHA2020448899]
  • Enter Student’s mobile number.
  • Click on the confirmation button to confirm the payment.
  • If Payment is Confirmed, A successful SMS  will be sent with Transaction ID.

Payment Method through bKash App

  1. Login to bKash Account and Select Pay Bill. 
  2. Tap “Educational Institute” and Select ‘XI Class Admission’ from the Biller list.
  3. Select Board and Passing year from the dropdown list.
  4. Type Roll Number and Mobile Number
  5. Check the unpaid amount- 150 tk
  6. Now, Input the bKash Account PIN. 
  7. Click on the confirm button to complete the payment. 

Rocket Payment Method: 

  1. Login with your mobile number and pin.
  2. Press on Bill Pay Option.
  3. Enter Biller ID: 515
  4. Now, Enter Roll Number, Board, Passing year in the respective box.
  5. Input Rocket Account PIN and Confirm the payment to complete the process. 

Payment Method through Nagad: 

  1. Login nagad apps with the nagad credentials .
  2. Select Bill Pay
  3. Select XI Class Admission From biller List. 
  4. Now, Input Roll Number, Board and Passing Year. 
  5. Now review the information
  6. Enter the Nagad APP PIN to complete the process. 

Sonali Web Payment Method: 

  1. Visit- sbl.com.bd
  2. Click on XI Class Admission.
  3. Fee Type: Application Fees.
  4. Type SSC Roll Number, Mobile Number and Select Board, Passing Year. 
  5. Click on Check.
  6. Review the information and select payment requests. 
  7. Now, Select the payment method, Sonali Bank, Cards or Mobile Banking. 
  8. Follow the process and complete the payment. 

Step 2: XI Class Admission Online Application Form: 

  • Visit- xiclassadmission.gov.bd
  • Input the SSC/Equivalent Roll Number, Board, Passing Year, and Registration Number.
  • If the payment were successful, the Applicant would be able to fill up the Admission Form.
  • The Applicants have to input a valid Mobile Number in the next step.
  • Now, Select the College one by one as the preference list. 
  • The Applicant also has to select the Group, Shift, and Version of each College.
  • Submit the Application. 

Note: The Applicant can change the preference list about five times within the deadline of the Application. 

The first Application will consider a student as his/her first choice. Second Application as his/her second choice, and Similarly, the order of subsequent applications will determine as the applied list

HSC Admission Result:

HSC Admission Result 2020-21 will be published in three phase. The HSC College Admission Result will consists of couple of merit list, migration result and final Result.

The Ministry of Education will prepare the XI Class Admission Merit List based on SSC or Equivalent Result, Quota and Preferences of Choice List.

First Merit List:

The First Merit List of XI Class Admission has been published on 25 August 2020.

Applicants who are getting a chance in the first merit list position, they have to confirm their seats to admit in the final admission.

Second Merit List:

The Second Merit List of XI Class Admission has been published on 4 August 2020.

Migration Result and Second Phase Application will also publish on the same day of second merit list.

The Applicants who are eligible for second merit list are:

  • Got a chance in the First Merit List, but didn’t confirm their seats.
  • Didn’t get a chance in the First Merit List.
  • Didn’t get the Chance of the First College of their College Choice List.

Third Merit List:

The 3rd Merit List for XI Class Admission Result will be published today (10 September 2020).

Applicants will get an SMS at 8.00 P.M (10 September 2020) in their registered mobile number.

The Third Merit List will be based on SSC/Equivalent Examination Result, Available Seats and Quota Information.

The Applicants who are eligible for Third & Final Merit List are:

  • Didn’t get a chance in the Second Merit List
  • Got a Chance in the Second Merit List, But didn’t confirm their seats.
  • Apply for a new application.

To Search HSC Admission Result (Merit List and Migration Result):

  1. Visit- xiclassadmission.gov.bd
  2. Click On Result Button.
  3. Input SSC Roll Number, Board, Passing Year and Registration Number.
  4. Click on Search Button.
XI Class Admission Result

HSC Admission Migration:

Migration is the process to get a Top Serial Number according to the College Choice List.

Applicants who are didn’t get a chance in the First Choice of their list, They must apply for the Migration for the top choice according to the college preferences list.

In the XI Class Admission System, There are a total of Two Migration Results will be processed.

The First Migration result has been published on 4 September 2020. and The Second Migration Result will be published on 10 September 2020.

There are only one rules to activate the migration process. Applicants have to confirm the admission of the given college.

Without the HSC Admission Confirmation the Migration process will not be processed.

HSC Admission Confirmation:

Applicants who are get a chance in the First, Second and Third Merit List, They have to confirm their seats.

Without the Confirmation, they will not be able to get admission in the Final Admission for XI Class.

The Confirmation date for the First, Second and Third Merit List are 26-30 August, 5-6 September and 11-12 September 2020 Respectively .

The Fees for XI Class Admission Confirmation is 200 TK and have to paid through Teletalk Prepaid SIM, Sonali Web and eSheba and Mobile Banking System- Rocket, bKash, Sure Cash, Nagad.

Admission Registration Fees by Rocket APP:

  • Login with Mobile Account Number and PIN Number.
  • Select the Bill Pay Option from the menu.
  • Biller ID-515 or XI Class Admission.
  • Input Applicants SSC Roll Number, Board, Passing Year.
  • For Self- Select Self and for others select others and input the Applicants Mobile Number.
  • Click on Confirm.
  • It will show Applicants Name with the required amount.
  • Now, Input PIN to complete the Registration Process.

Admission Confirmation Fees by Surecash:

Admission Confirmation by Surecash

HSC XI Class Final Admission:

The Final Admission for XI Class Admission will be held from 13 September 2020 to 15 September 2020 in the Respective Colleges.

Applicants have to bring Admission Result Copy, Confirmation Copy, Security Code, Admit Card, Registration Card, Mark sheet/Certificate of SSC Result and Couple of Passport Size Color Photograph.

HSC Admission Result- FAQs

When HSC Admission Result will Publish ?

HSC Admission Result First Merit List, Second Merit List and Third Merit List will be published on 26 August 2020, 4 September 2020 and 10 September 2020.

How Can I check my HSC Admission Result

You can check HSC Admission Result by visiting- xiclassadmission.gov.bd and input the Roll Number, Board, Passing Year and Registration Number to view the Result.

How Many Merit List will be available for XI Class Admission ?

There are a Total of Three Merit List will be available for Xi Class Admission.

How can I Apply for College Admission in Bangladesh ?

You can apply for college admission in Bangladesh by filling up the application form and pay the application fees.

How can I get admission in Xi Class in Bangladesh ?

You can get admission in XI Class in Bangladesh by confirming the admission seats after getting a chance in the Three Merit Lists.

What is the Final Admission Date for HSC Admission?

The Final Admission Date for HSC Admission into colleges is from 13 September 2020- 15 September 2020.

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