HSC Physics Assignment 2022 (10th Week)

HSC Physics Assignment 2022: Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is published the Inter 1st Year Physics Assignment Question paper on dshe.gov.bd.

DSHE just published the 10th Week Physics Assignment on the Official website. Students should be now able to download the pdf file or image file of the assignment question paper from the website.

The Physics assignment was started on 1st February 2022 due to the covid-19 lockdown situation. Students from science from must write the assignment question and submit it to the colleges to get the marks assign inthe assignment.

HSC Physics Assignment 2022

DSHE is published the HSC Physics Assignment question on dshe.gov.bd. lets check the assignment work and content for the latest week.

After the National Curriculum and Textbook Board releases its short syllabus for physics subjects in the Science Group, the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education will publish assignments for physics subjects in the Science Group in accordance with that syllabus.

Students are required to submit a total of ten projects (5 is for the 1st Paper, and five is for the 2nd Paper). In terms of the distribution of marks, DSHE has been assigned 50 points to complete the Assignment Solutions and 50 points to complete the MCQ Test in the HSC Exam 2022, according to the schedule.

Students must write their assignment solutions immediately after answering the question because the question now carries marks.

A notice from the Department of Secondary and Higher Education (DSHE) states that the Physics assignments for the Science Group for the HSC Exam 2022 will be assigned to the Science Group in the coming weeks.

The Physics assignment 2022 for the HSC Batch 2022 will be available in the following weeks:

  • 1st Week
  • 2nd Week
  • 4th Week
  • 7th Week
  • 10th Week
  • 13th Week
  • 16th Week
  • 19th Week
  • 21th Week
  • 27th Week

HSC Physics 1st Paper Assignment 2022

Inter 1st Year Physics First Paper Assignment Answer has been published on dshe.gov.bd. Lets check the solutions and answer for the latest week.

Class: HSC
Subject Name: Physics 1st Paper
Assignment Serial: Assginment-05
Week: 10th
Assignment: শিরােনাম: কাজ ও শক্তি সংক্রান্ত সমস্যাবলী। তুমি 0.4 m পুরুত্বের 10 টি আয়তকার বস্তু | একটির উপরে আরেকটি [ রেখে একটি স্তম্ভ তৈরি করো।

10th Week Physics Assignment Answer

Assignment Answer: We will publish the assignment answer soon on this website. Make sure to check out later from this blog.

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