La Trobe Scholarships For International Students 2021 [Study in Australia]

La trobe Scholarships in Australia for International Students to study in the university of La Trobe.

They can study in Bachelor’s degree, double degree or diploma, Masters (research), Doctorate or PhD program.

In Australia La Trobe scholarships are now open for International Students commencing in 2021. 

They have increased the number of scholarships, amount and funding for international students

Eligible Students now can apply for this Australian scholarship for many undergraduate and postgraduate courses or postgraduate research at this university. 

About La Trobe Scholarships: 

La Trobe university offers a couple number of scholarships for International Students. Some of them are Alumni Advantage, Early Bird Acceptance Grant, La Trobe International Scholarships, Region Specific International Scholarship, Vice Chancellor Excellence Scholarships, Regional Campus Scholarships. 

They also offer postgraduate research scholarships and USA to Australia Scholarships. Besides, there are a total of four external scholarships available in this university. These scholarships are Australia Award Scholarships, ICETEX, FIDERH, LPDP. 

La Trobe Scholarships for International Students in Australia 2021

Wants a high quality learning experience in Regional Australia, Then there is La Trobe Scholarships for international students.

Destination Australia Scholarships – International Students

Opening Date: 06/12/2019

Closing Date: 31/12/2021

To eligible for this scholarships, International Students must meet the requirements that is provided below:

  • Studying in undergraduate or post graduate coursework course in Semester 1 in the year of 2021.
  • Studying full-time at a regional campus in a course.

Alumni Advantage

Students completed the graduation at La Trobe, may eligible for the 10% reduction for the all subjects in the Postgraduate Courses by this Alumni Advantage.

Students from local or international students can starting studying in La Trobe and Get this Advantages. The University will asses the students when they apply for any postgraduate course in La Trobe University.

Remember, This Alumni Advantage will only benefit the local or International Alumni when they apply in full fee postgraduate course.

Early Bird Acceptance Grant – International Students

Opening Date: 24/04/2020

Closing Date: 31/12/2022

International Students who completed their admission early to study in La Trobe is eligible to get immediate 5% reduction of their first year tuitions fees.

This Early Bird Acceptance Grand is available at Melbourne, Albury-Wodonga, Bendigo, City, Mildura, Shepparton in Australia Region.

To Apply for this scholarships, They need to be eligible for this Grants. The students will eligible if they are a citizen of a country except Australia or New Zealand. The other requirements is listed below:

  • Applying for the first time in intake 2022.
  • Full Fee paying Students (Meaning- Sponsored Students will not be eligible for this scholarships)
  • Meet all conditions in the outline and Pays the required deposited.
  • Must Select a course from the Eligible Postgraduate courses or undergraduate courses.

Now, Apply for this scholarship though directly VTAC or StudyLinks.

La Trobe International Scholarships

Opening Date: 24/04/2020

Closing Date: 31/12/2022

Meritious Students are always welcome to study in La Trobe. Students having excellence academic record will get a massive discount of 25% in courses fees for selected course.

La Trobe will considered all the students who are applying to study in La Trobe in postgraduate or undergraduate courses.

The University will select the students based on their WAM for La Trobe University International Academic Merit and Excellence Scholarships. The Reductions Amount is 15%,20% and 25% Based on the Results.

A Weighted Average Mark (WAM) is calculated based on results for all completed subjects within a diploma or degree, where results are out of 100.

WAM* ScoresScholarshipAmount
55-69.9Academic Scholarship15%
70-74.9Merit Scholarship20%
75+Excellence Scholarship25%

Applicants submitted an application for LTIS Approved Course will be considered for this Scholarships. The University will give the scholarship discount amount on the basis of offer letter accepted and paid the required deposit mentioned on the Offer Letter.

La Trobe Post Graduate Research Scholarships

Want to get a Postgraduate Research Scholarships, The La Trobe Research Degree is for you. Just Select the Graduate Research Degree, Know the the cost and scholarships and Apply for the Scholarships.

Students may contact the Graduate Research School at La Trobe for full details on applying in postgraduate Research Scholarships.

Full List of La Trobe Scholarships 2021:

There are a total of 65 Scholarships are available at La Trobe to study in Graduate, Post Graduate and Research Degree. Here is the full list of Scholarships and the Given Amount:

Scholarships DetailsAmount (reduction)
La Trobe Excellence Scholarships – Domestic StudentsUp to 25% reduction on course fees
La Trobe Turkey ScholarshipUp to 30% reduction in course fees
La Trobe South East Asia ScholarshipUp to 30% reduction in course fees
La Trobe Latin America ScholarshipUp to 30% reduction
La Trobe South Asia ScholarshipUp to 30% reduction
La Trobe Jordan ScholarshipUp to 30% reduction in course fees
La Trobe Greater China ScholarshipUp to 30% reduction in course fees
Vice-Chancellor Scholarship – Vietnam100% deduction on annual tuition fees
Vice-Chancellor Scholarship – India and Sri Lanka100% deduction on annual tuition fees
Regional Scholarship – International Students$5000
EC Thompson Bursary$3000
JRV Anderson Bursary$5000
LTU Mildura Chances Scholarship$3000
Mildura Returned Services League (RSL) Scholarship$6000

Note: We are updating the full List, so stay tuned.

How to Apply:

International Students can apply for the scholarships through the official website of – La Trobe Scholarship for International Students webpage to study in Graduate, Post Graduate and Research Degree at La Trobe.

La Trobe Scholarships FAQs:

To begin your application, please click here to access the application portal. 

Yes, If Students are applying for an undergraduate degree commencing in the semester 2- 2021 intake, They can submit direct application to La Trobe University.

Choose the degree, See the Related Scholarships, Check the Eligibility and Then apply for the the scholarships.

More information is available at- website.

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