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Mujib100 Quiz Result 2021: The father of the nation Bangabandu Sheikh Mujibor Rahman quiz result published regularly on

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Mujib100 Quiz:

To celebrate the birth century of the father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibor Rahman, The Government of Republic of Bangladesh and implantation partner has introduced 100 days quiz competitions.

Anyone living in this country, can participate in the quiz. In the First day of the quiz, an approximate of 39688 peoples from different ages, classes, students, teachers, worker, non-worker, general people participate in the Program..

List of the Number of Peoples Participates in the MUJIB100 Quiz:

People’s Participate in December 2020:

Date:No. of PeoplesDate:No. of Peoples
1st December 2020:3968817th December 2020:80809
2nd December 2020:6589318th December 2020:71652
3rd December 2020:7766119th December 2020:69337
4th December 2020:7567420th December 2020:71368
5th December 2020:7565021st December 2020:74135
6th December 2020:7002322nd December 2020:87698
7th December 2020:7015523rd December 2020:86672
8th December 2020:7223524th December 2020:87884
9th December 2020:8697125th December 2020:82109
10th December 2020:8701826th December 2020:82037
11th December 2020:7578627th December 2020:86979
12th December 2020:7478828th December 2020:100179
13th December 2020:7054629th December 2020:97146
14th December 2020:7018130th December 2020:99801
15th December 2020:6725231st December 2020:97267
16th December 2020:66034

People’s Participate in January 2021:

Date:No. of PeopleDate:No. of People
1st January 2021:9199116th January 2021:
2nd January 2021:9579717th January 2021:
3rd January 2021:9481018th January 2021:
4th January 2021:9268719th January 2021:
5th January 2021:8660420th January 2021:
6th January 2021:7253921st January 2021:
7th January 2021:7602922nd January 2021:
8th January 2021:7571323rd January 2021:
9th January 2021:8495724th January 2021:
10th January 2021:9873125th January 2021:
11th January 2021:9202326th January 2021:
12th January 2021:10301027th January 2021:
13th January 2021:10042628th January 2021:
14th January 2021:9434129th January 2021:
15th January 2021:30th January 2021:
31st January 2021:

Prize Pool:

  1. Grand Prize: 100 Laptops
  2. Daily Prize: 5 Smartphones and 100 GB Data for 100 Quiz Winners.

Mujib100 Quiz Competitions Terms and Conditions:

  • Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Quiz Competition is open to all.
  • A new quiz will be given every day. The duration of each quiz is 24 hours (00:00 to 23:59).
  • Each day, 100 winners will be selected by lottery from among the correct respondents.
  • The winner of the grand prize will be selected by lottery from among those who give the correct answer every day.
  • The more correct the answer, the better the chances of winning.

How to Participate in the Mujib100 Quiz Contest by

To participate in the contest, one has to register through or website, or any of the favorite mobile apps (download link

  • A contestant must register once. There is no need to re-register if you have already registered; In that case you just have to log in. You can participate in the quiz once a day with an ID.
  • Each contestant must use the correct name, address, photo, phone number and email / social media ID, which in the case of winners will be verified with his / her national identity card or birth certificate. If he participates with wrong information, he will be considered ineligible as a winner.

Mujib100 Quiz Result { result}

The list of winners of Mujib100 Quiz Result will be published simultaneously on the website and mobile app.

The decision of the authority on any matter relating to the conduct, results and prizes of the competition shall be final.

The National Implementation Committee to celebrate the birth centenary of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and those directly involved in the implementation of the competition will not be able to participate in this competition. Information regarding the award will be announced later.

To Check Mujib100 Quiz Result:

  1. Visit-
  2. Tap on All Quiz List
  3. Check the last quiz result of the last date

The list of the winners of 16 January 2021


MUJIB100 Quiz FAQ:

What is the subject of quiz competition?

The subjects of quiz competitions is the subjects related to the personal, political and state career of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

When will the quiz be available?

The Quiz will be available for 24 hours every day from 12 midnight from December 1, 2020 on and priyo quiz app.

How do I Participate in MUJIB100 quiz ?

To participate in the quiz, one has to register by visiting or website or any of the priyo apps (download link

Will the results be known every day? How do I know the results?

Yes, the results will be known every day in the priyo apps, websites (, Facebook page ‘Priyo’ ( and group ‘Priyo Quiz’ (

How will the daily quiz winners be selected?

At the end of the daily quiz, in the interest of full transparency, the winner will be selected through lottery from among the correct respondents in a computerized manner.

I have previously won six favorite quizzes. Can I take part in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Quiz?

Yes, you can take part in Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Quiz.

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