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SSC Assignment 2021 6th Week Answer PDF Download: SSC 6th Week Assignment Answer for 4th Week is published by Due to COVID 19 Corona Virus, The Government has introduced an SSC Assignment Program 2021 for the evaluation for the SSC Candidates 2021 as an alternative method.

The Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education just published the SSC 6th Week Assignment 2021 Answer for Science, Commerce and humanities Group for the candidates who want to participate in the SSC Examination 2021. Its includes all the Government, Private and Secondary School under All Education Board for Secondary level Education in Bangladesh.

The assignments for the Fourth weeks of the SSC Exam 2021, including Assignment Grid, List of Subjects for the 6th Week is published on the Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education Official Website.

Students must submit these assignments to the relevant subject teacher after completing the assignment in accordance with the prescribed rules and terms Provided by the DSHE. The information for evaluating the assignments in accordance with the assessment rules of SSC Exam 2021 is prepared by the teacher and the Department of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education.

SSC 6th Week Assignment Answer 2021

Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is published the assignment work of 8 subjects for 6th Week Assignment Work.

As according to the rules, They have published only elective subjects assignment of the 6th Week for the Science, Business Studies and Humanities Group.

The Fourth week assignments answer for SSC Exam 2021 are provided separately in PDF format from the official website in here. Students will be able to download the assignment question, write the assignment answer easily. We have prepared assignment answer easily for download and organized by group.

According to the assignment grid, DSHE has chosen History and World Civilization of Bangladesh / Physics / Business Entrepreneurship / Economics / Biology / Finance & Banking / Politics & Citizenship / Higher Mathematics subjects assignment for the 4th Week Assignment for the SSC Candidates 2021.

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SSC 6th Week Assignment 2021 Science Group Answer:

3 Elective subjects has chosen for SSC 6th Week Assignment 2021 for Science Group. DSHE is assigned for all education in Bangladesh Physics, Biology and Higher Mathematics Assignment work to SSC candidates for the Science Department in the Fourth Week.

Students now can download the pdf file of the answer of 6th Week Assignment of science group from the below links:

  • Physics
  • Biology
  • Higher Mathematics
Download PDF

SSC 6th Week Assignment 2021 Business Studies Group Answer:

DSHE has published the 6th Week Assignment for Business Studies group in two elective subjects. They have published the Business Entrepreneurship, Finance and Banking Subjects assignment as for the 6th Week Assignment of Commerce Group.

Just check the links from below to download the SSC 6th Week Commerce Group Assignment Answer.

  • Business Entrepreneurship
  • Finance and Banking

SSC 6th Week Assignment 2021 Humanities Group Answer:

The 3 Elective subjects from humanities group has published by DSHE for 6th Week Humanities Group Assignment. They have chosen History of Bangladesh and World Civilization, Economics and Civics for 6th Week Assignment.

Just check the links from below to download the SSC 6th Week Arts Group Assignment Answer.

  • History of Bangladesh and World Civilization
  • Economics
  • Civics

SSC 6th Week Assignment Answer PDF Download 2021

This is the list of subjects, assignment, publish date for the SSC Assignment 2021 of the 6th weeks for the SSC Exam 2021.

Download the SSC Assignment Answer 2021 in PDF format. In addition to writing assignment responses, students must complete the assignment work provided by DSHE. In addition, the following are some important notes and instructions to remember:

  • By the 26th of August, 2021, students must have completed the Class 10 assignment for the fourth, fifth, and sixth weeks of the semester.
  • Candidates are required to submit their assignments prior to the start of the Week in question.
  • Candidates should keep a copy of their assignment solutions just in case they need them in the future for any reason.
  • Complete and submit the assignment by the deadline specified on the SSC assignment routine or the assignment grid, whichever is earlier.
  • To be considered complete, the assignment must be completed and submitted on time.
  • The assignments are now regarded as a critical component of the evaluation of the SSC Candidates for the year 2021, and they will be evaluated accordingly. As a result, candidates must submit their Class 10 assignments by the deadline in order to receive high marks on the final exam and avoid difficulties in obtaining a degree after graduation.
  • Despite the fact that there are no passing grades or anything of the sort, there are marks to be found. In addition, every mark counts toward the final exam result of the Higher Secondary Education Examination in 2021, which will be announced in December.
  • Students should follow the following instructions:
  • The primary goal of this assignment is for you to participate in it in order to achieve the learning outcomes. Furthermore, these outcomes will be beneficial to the students when they begin the next class of lessons, so they must be actively participating in the assignment work to reap the benefits. The following are some of the instructions provided by the Department of Secondary and Higher Education for this specific assignment:

The student should enroll in NCTB’s textbook for the 2021 academic year has been prepared and published, as has the assignment that will accompany it. There is no need for guidebooks, notebooks, or other forms of documentation. Student self-esteem, creativity, and consistency will all be evaluated in some way when it comes to the evaluation process. A student who submits an assignment by copying another’s writing will have the assignment canceled, and the student will be required to resubmit the task as a result of this.
Assignments should be written by students with their hands. Additionally, it will be beneficial in terms of comprehending the subject matter and developing handwriting skills.
You are free to use any type of paper when completing an assignment. The following information should be included on the cover page: the student’s name, class, role, subject, and the title/type of the assignment.

More information is available at- dshe

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