SSC English Version Physics Assignment Answer 2021

SSC English Version Physics Assignment Answer 2021: Directorate of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education is published the SSC English Version Physics Assignment in pdf file on website.

DSHE is published the 1st Week physics English Version assignment for the students of science of English version.

SSC English Version Physics Assignment Answer 2021

DSHE is published the SSC English Version Physics Assignment Question on the official website. Students now can check the assignment question on

Assignment No: 1

Chapter No and Title of the Assignment: Chapter 01:Physical Quantities and Their Measurement

Assignment Work:

Simple instrument and its usage: You need a thick art paper to prepare a model project. On the other hand, the stationary store you know is not even opening due to Covid- 19 pandemic. The only stationary store that is open now has a bad reputation in the locality for being dishonest. But you are somewhat compelled now to buy paper from him. The shopkeeper is claiming that the value of the paper which he supplied you is 160 gm/m2 . The size of per sheet of modeling paper is 65cm X 75cm. You decided that you will verify the shopkeeper. The measuring tape you have at home cannot measure anything that is less than 2 cm. And also, the digital balance which you have in your house for measuring the mass of the cooking ingredients does not record any mass bellow 20gm. This means that if you want to measure the mass of an 8 grams object accurately, you have to take 5 objects. So that their combined mass is 40 grams which is a multiple of 20 grams. You have no scope to use any other instrument.

a) What is the dimension of the unit by which the value of the paper is being measured?
b) What will be its unit if it is measured in Kilogram?
c) What is the least number of papers you need to buy to be sure about this matter?
d) If the value of each paper written on the 2 packet as (120±0.5) gm/m , it means that the value is actually in between 119.5 to120.5 units. Here the final error is 0.5 units. Determine the accuracy of your measured value?

Learning Outcomes

Students will be able to determine the area and volume of the uniform body by using simple instruments.

Guideline (clues/step or stages)

Follow the text on pages 18- 27 of the textbook.

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Assignment No 2

Assignment Number, Chapter Number, Chapter Title: Chapter 02: Motion

Assignment Work:

Speed and its quantities:
Two engineering university admission test examinees, Rabbi and Sajol, live in two different houses located on a straight street along the examination hall. They have been asked to report to the examination hall gate by 9 am – after which the gate will be closed. The house of Rabbi is 200 m more away than that of Sajol‟s house from the exam hall. Sajol woke up late in the morning due to overnight Facebooking.

Somehow, after having a hurried breakfast and a few harsh words from his parents, Sajol came to the gate of his house and saw that Rabbi was walking at a constant velocity and if he walked at this velocity, he would reach the gate just in time. But it is impossible for Sajol, in a full stomach, to advance more than 10 seconds at the maximum uniform acceleration 1 m/sec 2 . And for the rest of the time he will be able to run at half of this maximum velocity. It is now 8:58 in the morning. If Sajol continues in this way, he will be able to enter the exam hall at the last moment.

a) How far is Sajol’s house from the examination hall?
b) Rabbi decided night before the exam that he would leave the house at 8:44amand will arrive at the exam hall by 8:55 a.m. Then at what velocity he has to move forward?
c)At this velocity, after advancing 50 meters crossing the gate of Sajol‟s house, suddenly Rabbi’s ankle sprained. And, after that Rabbi started moving at a velocity of one fourth of his previous velocity. In such circumstances, will Sajol pass him over before entering the exam hall? d)Draw a graph showing the road location of Rabbi and Sajol between 8:58 am to 9 am. For each of them you have to show at least four points.

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