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Dhaka University Admission Result 2021: Dhaka University is published the admission test result for the unit of KA, KHA, GA, GHA, CHA online at admission.eis.du.ac.bd.

Students will need SSC and HSC Roll Number, Board, Passing Year and Password (Get a SMS at the time of Application) to check the admission result. They need to login with their roll number at admission.eis.du.ac.bd.

From 1st may 2021, Students can download the admit card from admission.du.ac.bd , check seat plan by their admission roll number.

The online application form was available from 8th March 2021 to 31st march 2021 on the Dhaka university official website. Students can fill up the admission form by following below guidelines on admission.eis.du.ac.bd

They can apply through Online by University of Dhaka Admission Website- admission.eis.du.ac.bd. For paying the Application Fees to Any Branch of Any Bank which will be mentioned in the Primary Application Form.

Dhaka University will publish the details information soon. Students will find all detailed information about Admission Roadmap, Requirements, How to Apply, Admit Card Download Instruction, Admission Test and result on the circular.  

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আপডেটঃ ঢাকা বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ের ভর্তি পরীক্ষা রেজাল্ট প্রকাশ করা হয়েছে।

About Dhaka university:

Dhaka University is the First largest public university in Bangladesh which was established in 1921 in 275.083 acres of Land Area.

It was identified as one of the TOP 100 Universities in Asia by ASIA WEEK.  Number 1 in Bangladesh by the Bangladesh University Ranking 2017.

Applicants can find more information on DU Official Website- du.ac.bd at Dhaka University at a glance section.

Dhaka University has a total of Five Units for Under Graduation Level. These Units are KA-Unit (Science), KHA-Unit (Humanities), GA- Unit (Business Studies), GHA-Unit (Common), CHA-Unit (Fine Arts). 

There is also an IBA, Home Economics and Technology Unit. Admission to one of the units is done through several processes.

An online admission test is followed by the Central Admission Office and eventually leads to the admission of a student.

Let’s Dive it in.

Dhaka University Admission Roadmap:

Events :Date
Admission Open:8th March 2021
Deadline:31st march, 2021
Admit Card Download:1st May 2021 onwards till
the admission test
Admission Test:From 1st October 2021 to 23th October 2021
Admission Test Result :Within 7 Days from the admission test date

Dhaka University Admission 2020-21

DU Admission Circular for the the academic session of 2020-21 has been published by the DU Admission Authority. 

DU Admission Requirements:

  • SSC/Equivalent Passing Year is 2015-2018
  •  HSC/Equivalent Passing Year is 2020.
  • Total GPA with 4th Subject: KA Unit- 8.00, KHA Unit- 7.00, GA Unit- 7.50. GHA Unit [Respective Group Unit Point], CHA Unit- 6.50.
  • Minimum GPA in SSC and HSC Level: 3.50 in KA, GA Unit and 3.00 in KHA, CHA Unit.

Note: Dhaka University will not give any opportunity to apply for the admission for second timer students.

Dhaka University Admit Card Download:

Dhaka University will publish the admit card on the DU admission website and the daily newspaper.

DU will also informed the candidates to download the admit card in the registered mobile number by an SMS. The specific date is mentioned in the prospectus.

DU is advised the candidates to keep the downloaded admit card safe till admission in the allotted institution. Without admit card no candidate will be permitted to sit in the examination hall.

Visit- admission.eis.du.ac.bd, Log in with your HSC Roll, Passing Year, Board and SSC Roll.Click on the Admit Card.Download the PDF File and Print it.

DU Admit Card Download Date 2021:

Dhaka university A (KA Unit), B (Kha Unit), C (GA Unit), D (GHA Unit), E (Cha Unit) Admit Card Download Date is 1st May 2021 to till the admission test Date.

  • GA and CHA Unit Admit Card Download Time: 2021 to 1 Hour before the admission test.
  • KA, KHA, and GHA Unit Admit Card Download Time: 2021 to 1 Hour before the admission test.

Dhaka University Admission Test and Exam Date:

Unit NameDateDayTime
Ka (A Unit)1st October 202111.00AM to 12.30PM
Kha (B Unit)2nd October 202111.00AM to 12.30PM
Ga (C Unit)22nd October 202111.00AM to 12.30PM
Gha (D Unit)23rd October 202111.00AM to 12.30PM
Cha (E Unit)9th October 202111.00AM to 11.30PM
Cha (E Unit) – Art9th October 202111.00AM to 12.00PM

Note: All the Examination will start at 11 A.M. and end at 12 P.M. All of the Exam is on Friday and Saturday.

How to Download DU Admit Card:

To Download the Dhaka university Admit Card, Students can follow the below step by step detailed instruction to download the admit card.

  • First Step, Visit- admission.du.ac.bd
  • Second Step, Input the Required Information (HSC Roll Number, Board, Passing Year, SSC Roll Number)
  • Third Step, Input the Password (Getting an SMS at the time of the Application)
  • From the dashboard tap on Admit Card.
  • Now, Download the Admit Card and Print it on A4 Paper.
Dhaka University Admit Card Download

Dhaka University Seat Plan Download

There are two ways; the Student can check their seat plan Online and SMS System. 

  • Online System: To Check the Seat plan online, you need to Login the DU Admission Website. Go to  Dashboard and Click on Seat Plan to see the Seat plan of Your Exam.
  • SMS System: To Check the Seat plan by SMS, you need to send an SMS with the following format:
    DU <space> Unit Keyword <space> Admission Test Roll and Send to 16321.Example: DU KA 456789 and Send it to 16321.

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Instructions for Exam Day

  • Candidate must reach the exam centre 1 hour before the examination.
  • After the Exam Starting time no candidate will be allowed to sit in the examination hall.
  • Mark the answer carefully it will deduct your mark in case of incorrect Answer
  • Candidates are instructed not to leave the exam centre before the finishing exam time.

Documents Required in the Admission Test (Exam Hall)

  • One printed copy of the admit card
  • One photo Id proof for candidate identity verification. It can be one of them:
    • HSC/SSC Registration Card.
    • Birth Certificate.

The Authority has mentioned that they will publish the DU Admission Test Seat Plan before the 2 Days of Admission Test of All Units. 

Dhaka University Admission Notice and Prospectus

Dhaka University has also published the admission notice and prospectus. All the details of All Units are as follows step by step:

Dhaka University Admission

Du A or KA Unit Admission Notice :

Science and Agriculture Science Background Students can apply in the Following Units. Science, Biological Science, Pharmacy, Earth and Environmental Science and Any other related Department or Institute of Dhaka University.

Science and Agriculture Science Group HSC, Madrasah Education Board Science Group and IGCSE/O Level. IAL/GCE A Level or Equivalent students can apply for DU A Unit. 

They Have to follow the detailed instruction Minimum Required GPA. HSC or Equivalent Degree minimum required GPA in relevant subjects and Any other instruction.

Dhaka University B or KHA Unit Admission Notice

Students of Humanities Branch and IGCSE/O Level, IAL/GCE A Level or Equivalent students. who have a minimum 2 Humanities subject can apply for DU B Unit.

Applicants cannot apply for these subjects from the D Unit (Transfer Unit).  who pass the Higher Secondary or equivalent examination in the Humanities Branch.

The terms and conditions of minimum grade/grade points in the examination are provided on the admission guide on the website.

Dhaka University GA or C Unit Admission Notice

Business Studies and Equivalent Degree Background students who have passed the Higher Secondary. Or Diploma in Business Studies, Diploma in Commerce, and Business Management Examination in Business Branch can apply for DU C-Unit.

Candidates belonging to C-Unit will only be able to enroll in the seats of the Faculty of Business Studies. They can also apply for D-Unit (Transfer Unit) subjects.

Other Terms and conditions for admission in this unit are provided in the admission guide on the website.

Dhaka University D or GHA Unit Admission Notice

Students in Humanities / Science / Business Education or equivalent branches can apply for this unit. But you can admit in the related subject of your Group or Previous Degree.

The terms and conditions for obtaining minimum grade/grade points.  The examinations are provided on the admission guide on the website.

Dhaka University E or CHA Unit Admission Notice

Under this unit, you can apply for admission in the following sections.  Drawing and illustration, Graphic design, Printmaking, Sculpture, Crafts, and History of Art.

Candidates who have passed in any branch of Higher Secondary or equivalent examination can apply for this unit.

The terms and conditions of the admission are detailed in the admission guide provided on the website.

Dhaka University Online Admission

The Applicants have to apply online and pay the application fees to any bank mentioned in the Application Form.

To Apply in Online you need to visit Dhaka University Admission Website- admission.eis.du.ac.bd. Input the SSC, HSC Roll and Passing Year. Fill Up the Required information step by step and submit the application.

How to Apply in Dhaka University at online: There is a detailed guideline has given below:

DU Online Admission Form Fill Up Instruction:

  • Visit- admission.eis.du.ac.bd
  • To Access the Primary Admission Application System, Click the ‘Login’ button.
  • Input HSC Roll, Passing Year and Board.
  • Type SSC Roll.
  • Click On Submit.
  • Check All the Information and Click on the Confirm Button.
  • Input Your Mobile Number and Quota Information
  • Upload Your Color Photograph which has a white background.
  • In the Next Page, Input the SIF code by sending the SMS.
  • Now, Click the Unit that you want to apply to.

Now, Download the Pay-slip to pay the Application Fees of the University of Dhaka Admission.

Note: If there is a difficulty in Admission Form or Internet Connection in any step. do not press the Reload or Refresh Button. Start Your Online Application from the Beginning and be more careful about uploading your photograph.

DU Payment Instruction:

After Downloading the Pay-Slip of the respective unit you have to pay the Application Fees manually. The Application fees have to pay through any branch of these bank. 

Sonali Bank Limited, Rupali Bank Limited, Janata Bank Limited and Agrani Bank Limited. Choose any bank and the nearest branch of these four banks from your location.

Before paying the fees by the pay-slip, you need to sign in the respective section of students’ signature.  and give the mobile numbers in the Bank Parts.

After completing the payment you can check the payment status from the University of Dhaka Admission Website.

Dhaka University Payment Status Check:

After submitting the pay-slip in any of the above banks with the required fees. you need to check the payment status. Generally, the payment has deposited within 72 Hours. So, you have to check the payment status after 72 hours or 3 Working Days.

To Check DU Payment Status:

  • Visit- admission.eis.du.ac.bd and click on the login button.
  • Input the HSC Roll Number, Board, Passing Year, SSC Roll Number and Click Submit.
  • If Payment is done, you will see a Green Tick Mark and if not, you will see a Red Cross mark.

You can also check the payment status by sending an SMS with the following format which is also mentioned in the payslip.

DU Payment Status SMS Format: DU <space> PIN and Send to 16321.

Example: DU 146300012541 and Send to 16321.

Note: if the payment has not been made, contact the Bank within the timeframe of Application.

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Dhaka University Admission Test:

  • Every Year Approximately 400000+ Student Seat for DU Admission Test.
  • Total Question- 120, Total Marks- 100 Marks, 1.2 Marks per Question, 0.25 Deducted every wrong answer.
  • Question Type: MCQ
  • Applicants must obtain at least 48 in total (out of 120) and 12 per Section to Qualify for the Merit List.

Dhaka University Marks Distribution (All Units):

KA Unit:

  • Admission Test Subject: Physics-30, Chemistry-30, Mathematics-30, Biology-30.
  • If you want to skip the HSC/Equivalent Optional Subject, you can select Bengali or English.

KHA Unit: 

  • Admission Test Subject: Bengali- 30, English-30, General Knowledge-60.
  • If you didn’t study Bengali as a native language, you can select Elective English.  

GA Unit: 

  • Admission Test Subject for Business Studies Group:- Bengali-24, English-24, Accounting-24, Business Principal-24, Marketing/Finance-24. 
  • Admission Test Subject for A-Level Group:- English-30, Advanced English- 30, Business Studies- 30, Accounting- 30, Economics-30. [Any 2 from Business Studies, Accounting, Economics]

GHA Unit: 

  • Admission Test Subject: Bengali- 30, English-30, General Knowledge (Bangladesh)-30, General Knowledge (International) 30
  • If you didn’t study Bengali as a native language, you can select Elective English [Only for A-Level Student] 

CHA Unit:

  • Admission Test Subjects: General Knowledge- 50, Drawing (Figure)- 70. 

Dhaka University Admission Result 2021:

After Completing the All Unit Examination, The Authority will publish the DU Admission Test Result on the Dhaka University Admission Website.

If An Applicants wants to know the detailed marks of individual subjects, They need to search the result by Online System.

  • Online System: Visit Dhaka University Admission Website- admission.eis.du.ac.bd,  Login to the Student Profile and Click on the result to Search for All Unit Exam Result with Details Marks.
  • SMS System: To search the Admission Result by SMS, you need to send an SMS with the following format:
    DU <space> Unit Keyword <space> Admission Test Roll and Send to 16321.
    Example: DU KA 456789 and Send it to 16321.
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